Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ten Tie-Free Etsy Gifts for a San Diego Dad

One of the beefs I've always had about Father's day is that it is always centered around gifts for the professional dad. Back in elementary school we decorated ties, all the advertising is about golf, fancy briefcases and so on...
What if your dad doesn't even know how to tie a tie?
What if he thinks golf is for sissies?
What if he would use a fancy briefcase to store his sandy fishing supplies?

My dad is a mechanic, an ocean-lover and a native San Diegan.

And I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with a dad like mine, so I made my very own gift list with the things I would get MY dad.

Punny Fish Card

Fish + Puns? Gold! You don't know how many Halibut jokes my dad has cracked over the years...
$3.75 from paperanniversary

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introducing Mel C: My Vintage Peugeot Mixte Bicycle

I admit to being somewhat of an impulse shopper.
I've been working on controlling the urges, but when I saw this vintage bike on craigslist, I couldn't help myself.

At least this time my impulse shopping ended up with a form of transportation!

Galaxy Dresses: Fashion that's Out of this World!

Here one trend I am dying to DIY:

Clockwise from left to right: Leather Fern Necklace Natalie Brown, Turquoise Dip-Dyed Hair via Tumblr, Christopher Kane Dresses, Katy Perry for Opi nail polish, Irregular Choice suede pumps via, a hunk of turquoise, McQueen leggings, C. Kane tank top (net-a-porter), and Lime Crime Eyedust.

Maybe my obsession stems from the fact that I have been on a huge Dr. Who kick recently, and as such, have constellations perpetually revolving around my subconscious...
But regardless, I think I just really want the privilege of wearing the universe on my bum (it's big enough!).
I love the look of printed stars and galaxies along with leather, velvet, and of course plenty of glitter. Yet at 200 bucks a pop (just for the tank top!), I don't think I'll get my hands on Christopher Kane's designer duds anytime soon.
After scouring the web, I found some awesome cheaper alternatives to satisfy that cosmic craving: