Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I was doing all October.

...and as she took each new step through the darkness, she could sense the entrance to the cave, the blinding light pouring fourth, and beyond it the world to behold!

Anyways, that's what it feels when you rediscover the wonders of having wireless internet!

For the past few months, I've been hookin' up ol' Betsy the old fashioned way... with a gawddarn ethernet cord.

*segue* ether.. net? What does that even mean? Why do they call it that. "Ether" is such a... ethereal  word. ... ha. haha... *unsegue*

Really, what use is a laptop when you are confined to a desk? Laptops were meant to be wild and free. Go on, Betsy. Thata girl. Hum your little internal fan off into the sunset!

... Yeah. Life is better now. I haven't blogged for a while though. I keep doing these projects and then I think, "Oh, OH! I want to put this on my blog!" And then I decide I am too busy and I should read some homework instead, but I end up not reading the homework at all and....

Well today I thought to myself,

"Hey you, I know you have homework. But really? Aren't you just going to do a good 2/3 of the night procrastinating?"

"Why yes, self. I won't lie, that sounds pretty precise."

"Why don't you just acknowledge and come to terms with your procrastination and do something productive with it?"

"By Jove! That sounds like a great idea!"

So here I sit. (In my big couch chair thanks to the wonders of wireless internet) 

This is officially catch-up blog #1. 

So lets see.


A big (ongoing) project I did recently was..

Dye my hair!

I bleached it, walked around as a blonde for a bit, then added some color!

I've been super inspired by this girl's flickr page I randomly came across:

and now all I want is to be a different color everyday!


 Most of October I was working on tons of costumes for my work. We were putting on a carnival event and I decided that it just wouldn't suffice unless everyone was in costume, so here is what I came up with:

The ringmaster!

Ruffled shirt and bowtie/cummerbund: Thrifted

The jacket was thrifted and then altered to be a tailcoat, and the red collar, buttons and cuffs were added. Making regular jackets into tailcoats is a skill I think everyone should use! So I'll post a tute when I get the chance.

Here's another one with his hat: